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DFBC - Bring It On Badminton Events
DFBC will be conducting the following BRING IT ON BADMINTON EVENTS during July - December 2018. We invite you to join and have FUN.

1.  6th and 13th July: Simon O’Brien (Junior event), Victoria Park
2. 25th August - DFBC / LGBA Friendship Badminton Event - Open to ALL, Heathridge
3. Fran Logan (MLA)-Friday Night FUN Pennants (Juniors and Adults), South Lake *
4. 22nd September: Steve Irons (MP) Event - Open to ALL, Curtin Stadium
5. 10th November - Dr. Anne Aly (MP) - Open to ALL, Heathridge
6. 1st December - Emily Hamilton (MLA) Event - Open to ALL, Heathridge
Application forms for participating in the Events can be downloaded from here. Watch this space for future DFBC events.
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Volunteering WA & Dynamic Flame Badminton Club

Give a little. Change a lot. Event - 26th May 2018”
The event recognized, acknowledged and rewarded volunteers for the many hours they spend to assist members of the communities and DFBC.

Volunteering WA and Lotterywest have provided support in conjunction with LG Badminton Academy & Pacific Sports (ASHAWAY), Singapore to hold the Event.

The competing sites/ clubs are are: Curtin Badminton @ Bentley, Langford / Gosnells Badminton, South Lake Badminton, Badminton @ Landsdale, Badminton @ the Town of Vic Park, Ace Badminton @ Melville, Heathridge Social Club and Hainsworth Badminton.
Volunteers recognized on the day
Executive Management Team
Anita Diep, Crystal Diep and Jared Norman
Site Coordinators
Langford / Gosnells - Kacy Tang and Wayne Webster
Ace Badminton, Melville - Anthony Deane and Scott Martinson
South Lake Badminton - Paul Garvey and Adrian Teh
Cannington - Heryanto Zein & Ashwin Menon
Curtin Badminton, Bentley - Aaron Won
Heathridge Social Club - Norman Anthony
Kingsway / Landsdale - Jube Shuttleworth
Victoria Park – Victor Diep
Hainsworth Badminton – Tony Nguyen
Social Events
Marvin Wicenec
Newsletter/ Website
Machiel van der Stelt / Abishek Sridhar
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