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About the club!

Dynamic Flame Badminton Club (DFBC) was founded in May 1985 and is incorporated with the Department of Commerce. The club's primary role is to promote physical activities that increase the rate of participation in badminton through support and leadership. DFBC / LGBA is a “NOT 4 PROFIT” Local Community Sporting Club promoting badminton at grass roots level and developing high performance players to represent their club, state and country with pride and joy.

DFBC is a KIDSPORT club that is inclusive, culturally diversified and supports membership of all nationalities.

DFBC / LGBA promotes Keep Fit FUN Badminton Activities at various Communities, Clubs and Schools in partnerships and assistance with the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Local Councils and Ashaway Pacific Sports (Singapore).

The Executive Management Team (EMT) is a young, dynamic, and energetic team of volunteers networking TWELVE leisure centers.

Proud to be a KIDSPORT CLUB



To create and establish pathways that provides Keep Fit FUN Badminton Activities and Social Development for players in the community.
To establish a Badminton FUN Activity network that provides satisfying experiences for players in communities


To promote and deliver services, support, leadership, and decisions that develop and create growth in Badminton.

Dynamic Flame Badminton Club is very active and involved in values such as:

Community Diversity

Recognize and celebrate the cultural diversity, beliefs and values of people.

Community Service

Build a sense of connection with the community, add enjoyment, and enrich lives.

Community Partnership

Partnerships with: Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Edmund Rice Center, Multicultural Groups, Inclusion WA and Mercy Care to collaborate, network, increase sustainability, and provide recreation services to the communities.

Improve public relations and encourage community strengthening and inclusion within the wider communities.

Facilitate a range of accessible badminton opportunities for Youth in communities.

DFBC is Friendly, Welcoming, Positive, Inspirational and Caring in communities. We are aware of the changing environment in which we live, and volunteer and embrace creativity and facilitate initiatives to find solutions and make decisions to promote Keep Fit FUN Badminton Activities and to increase community participation in sport and active recreation.

DFBC continues to create and establish FUN badminton sites in the communities and create pathways for all age groups, both sexes to belong to those SITES.
- Special thanks to our PARTNERS in the delivery and promotion of badminton in WA -


City of Kwinana, City of Canning, City of Gosnells, City of Joondalup, City of Wanneroo, Curtin University, and Town of Victoria Park.


Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Get Active Project Communicare, Multicultural Groups, Inclusion WA, and Volunteering WA.


Edmund Rice Centre (Mirrabooka), Multicultural Services Centre (Mirrabooka and Cannington), and Act-Belong-Commit.


Hon. Roger Cook (MLA), Hon. Fran Logan (MLA), Terence Healy (MLA), Emily Hamilton (MLA), Margaret Quirk (MLA), Dr Anne Aly (MP), Steve Irons (MP), and Simon O’Brien (MLC).


ASHAWAY (Pacific Sports, Singapore), Mr. Michael Kar (JP), LG Badminton Academy, Members, Visitors, and Volunteers.


Officials at Leisure Centers.
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