You are welcome to join us and play some FUN badminton with Dynamic Flame Badminton Club (DFBC)

You, family, and friends can visit the various venues [Click here]Please email us at badminton.dfbc@gmail.com before attending any of the sessions because some of the sessions have been cancelled.
Dynamic Flame Badminton Club (DFBC) is a team of volunteers building stronger, healthier, happier and safer communities.
We invite you, your family and friends to join a club for ALL, from the ground up, managed by a team of exuberant youth creating the ideal environment for badminton.

Dynamic Flame Badminton Club (DFBC) was founded in May 1985 and is incorporated with the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (Consumer Protection Division). The club's primary role is to promote physical activities that increase the rate of participation in badminton through support and leadership. DFBC is a “NOT 4 PROFIT” Local Community Sporting Club promoting badminton at grass roots level, juniors, adults and seniors (masters).
DFBC is a KIDSPORT club that is inclusive, culturally diversified and supports membership of all nationalities.
DFBC promotes Keep Fit FUN Badminton Activities at various Communities, Clubs, Universities and Schools in partnerships and assistance from Members of Parliament (MP), Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), Members of the Legislative Council, Local Councils and Ashaway Pacific Sports (Singapore).
The Executive Management Team (EMT) is a young, dynamic, and energetic team of volunteers networking several centres for grass roots level, juniors, adults and seniors (masters).

DFBC is synonymous with Good FUN - Good HEALTH - Good FRIENDSHIP

Joining a PROFESSIONAL badminton club is the “SMART” way to go ...
We are at multiple locations in Perth.
We negotiate a better outcome to benefit you.
We assist at a time and place that suits you.
We provide you professional training.
We will register you with Badminton WA.
We provide excellent all-round services.
We are learning - We are growing - We are dedicated, willing and enthusiastic.
We are DYNAMIC and the FLAME shall continue to burn in 2024 and beyond.
We are one - Together we achieve - We are the Best in the West !
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